DIY Art School

Collectively reimagining arts education without life altering debt.

Questions for consideration

Do you want an MFA or do you want to make art?

How does capitalism effect  your art and ideas?

How does debt impact creative people? How can you dream outside of the boundaries of debt?

 How can you decolonize arts education?  Trace colonization’s impact on your art.

What are ways to create intentional challenging nurturing communities?

If money didn’t matter how would you define success in terms of your art practice?

What are strategies to make socially impact full work in a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy?

How do we trace the history and labor of our imaginations?

How can we establish arts mentorships outside of MFA programs?

Is your work a monologue or a conversation?

How do you explain your work to your friends vs to an institution?

What does a post gentrification art world/practice look like?

How do you define your art on your gravestone?

What if instead of asking HOW to get legitimacy we ask IF to get legitimacy?





Hex Work Art show

The group formerly known as DIY Art School invites you to a visual art show exploring THE HEX as autonomous feminist magic.

We are re-imagining grassroots feminist responses to violence. Through self and community education, we are using an imagined lens: A hex as a spell for feminist autonomy and collective self defense. Each artist has explored what this means to them, presenting multiple interpretations of hexes as a vehicle for self determination, self defense, protection of self and community, transformative justice, time and place, cultural transformation, creative ways to respond to violence without using the prison system, and as a vehicle for self determination.

Please join us for the Opening October 19, 6-9pm.

With an artist Talk: October 29 2-4pm

The exhibition is at Qulture Collective October 10- Nov 1.


DIY MFA is now DIY Art School

Due to  legal action against our collective autonomous education project  by the for profit business  DIY MFA  who has trademarked the term DIY MFA,  will here by be known as DIY Art School. 



 They copyrighted DIY y'all.  :( 

They copyrighted DIY y'all.  :( 

ANSWERS: Lacey's solo show at Less Space Gallery

What is the only reason the brave the First friday bruhaha? Come see Lacey's solo show of Critical Craft: ANSWERS, @ Less Space Gallery. Sept 2-Sept 9

Artist Talk and Live Advice Column! Sept 7, 6-9pm. 

ANSWERS is a show about the quest to find moral compasses, all knowing queer feminist ancestors, fake grandmas with good advice, proverbs, Mystifying Oracles. and tools of divination.

Lacey Johnson @ EM Wolfman

Do-It-Yourself Master of Fine Arts member and multi-media artist Lacey Johnson 's Solo show, Safe Space Haunted House will be opening August August 4th 6-9 @ EM Wolfman in downtown Oakland! 

Safe Space Haunted House is a body of work that references the contradictions that exist within the body, public and private spaces, and familial lineage as informed through the politics of emotion.   

Celeste Chan's Solo Show (Re)generation

One of our amazing members, Celeste Chan will be performing her first solo show (Re)generation on June 15, 2016 as   part of SAFEhouse for Performing Arts RAW (resident artist workshop) a residency program.

 About (Re)generation: What histories do we inherit, and what do we need to create? (Re)generation weaves together experimental film, text, performance, and oral histories in a debut solo show. Directed by Lisa Marie Rollins, Video: Siobhan Aluvalot and Celeste Chan.



Summer Vacation

DIY MFA  has completed our Spring Semester with a cohort of 6 amazing artists!  Stay tuned for upcoming projects, workshops, artists talks and shows. <3 

 Moral Compass By Lacey Johnson from the Omni Commons Pop-Up Gallery.&nbsp;

Moral Compass By Lacey Johnson from the Omni Commons Pop-Up Gallery. 

What artists need to survive

Interesting project: CREATIVZ/ LIFE WORK  in collaboration with the  Center for Cultural innovation:

"CREATIVZ is a conversation for artists, friends and supporters of artists and anyone interested in how creativity thrives.

It’s part of a research project exploring how artists in the United States live and work and what they need to sustain and strengthen their careers." 

Simple Mechanics Reflected in Social Movements

April 13, 2016. 

We watched a documentary on automatons and discussed the following questions: What is the value in feminist/decolonial reclamation of this art form? How could this art form be used toward social transformation? 

We then studied clock insides, had a short physics lesson and made our own moving sculpture out of cams and shafts. 

movie: Wonders of the Clockwork World:

#criticalcraft #lostlanguages #explainingsocialconstructsthroughscience #sexyhorologists #genderedbodiesofknowlege #automata #analoggirlinadigitalworld #folkart #modernartisansincontext