DIY Art School

Collectively reimagining arts education without life altering debt.

Questions for consideration

Do you want an MFA or do you want to make art?

How does capitalism effect  your art and ideas?

How does debt impact creative people? How can you dream outside of the boundaries of debt?

 How can you decolonize arts education?  Trace colonization’s impact on your art.

What are ways to create intentional challenging nurturing communities?

If money didn’t matter how would you define success in terms of your art practice?

What are strategies to make socially impact full work in a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy?

How do we trace the history and labor of our imaginations?

How can we establish arts mentorships outside of MFA programs?

Is your work a monologue or a conversation?

How do you explain your work to your friends vs to an institution?

What does a post gentrification art world/practice look like?

How do you define your art on your gravestone?

What if instead of asking HOW to get legitimacy we ask IF to get legitimacy?